Friday, December 17, 2010

Screwed Up

I've screwed up in my relationship.. I hav make things became worst~Can our relationship becomes normal back like last time? I guessss is hard~I really shud not say things dat will hurt u & make u angryyy~But i know now is too late to regret~I jz wanna keep saying sorry to you~Almost every night i dream about ur eyes dat full with anger when you look at me~Ur eyes are full with anger & sad~I felt really terrible~N i'm a horrible person~I've hurt a good person heart~I know you need some time to talk to me again & also needs time to release out all ur anger~I'll giv u time~Although u might hav forgiv me already, but i still can't forgiv myself~I really love you you know~It was sad when you didn't wish our anniversary yesterday~But i understand~I felt terrible when i talk to u n u doesn't wanna talk to me back~Msg you & u didn't reply my texts~But i deserve it~I really hope things will become better~If u doesn't wanna go to prom with me, i understand too~I'm reallyyyyyy sorrryyy~T.T

I love you ='(

Saturday, September 11, 2010

~Mid Valllleeeyyy~♥


Yea i know i've not been updating my blog for quite a long time Rachel~Thanks for reminding me~LOL~But u can't blame my lazyness~x) Haha~Okayy~Well, yesterday was da first day of Hari Raya~Da day b4 i asked my mum to bring me & my bro to mid valley shopping & watch movie too~N oso we've not been there for years~=) N dat night b4 yesterday while i was still onlining, my cousin bro, Jason suddenly asked me whether m i going anywhere or not tomolo~He says he wanna drive to kk n meet up wif my family~Den i told him dat i'm going to Mid Valley & oso ask him would he like to join us~N he decided to follow us to Mid Valley~x) Okayyy~Next morning, headed to Mid Valley around 11 sumthing in da morning~As usual, its freaking hard to find a place to park because there are like so many ppl went there for shopping~:/ But thanks God suddenly a car beside my mum's car wanted to go out n yea we get to park our car in quite a short time~=)

First thing we do while we step in da mall is go to da cinema and buy our tickets~Da queue was like seriously loooonnngggg~But den luckily it was fast~Watched Piranha~While my bro was queue-ing up for tickets, i went and meet up wif Jason~After bought all da tickets, my mum saw a flowers exhibition down there~Because she loves flower so badly so 3 of us nidda accompany her go down to see da exhibition thing~But den da decoration was realllyyy nice~x) After dat, my mum recieved a cal from my aunty and she say dat my aunty whole family was in mid valley too~I was like Yay! More ppl come~xDD My mum ask us to sit around n wait for my aunt n cousins but i can't resist all those nice shops & nice stuffs so i told my mum i'll be walking around~My mum asked Jason to accompany me cuz she scared i got lost in da mall~=.= BUT da fact is Jason dunno how to walk back while we walk a little further and i'm da 1 hu brought him back~LOL~x)

After dat, went back my mum & bro sitting place there and my mum say go to Jusco there n meet my aunt~Walked to Jusco n find them~While trying to find them in da food department, me & my mum was like trying all those foods & drinks while walking~LOL~xP N lastly, found my cousin sis while she is choosing milk~While we passed by da sushi place, my mum ask us whether wanna buy sum food to eat or not~At first all of us dun feel like eating cuz we're kinda full but ended up choose a few sushi's and sausages~Too tempting~x) After dat, bro n mum queue up to pay~While they're paying, me & Jason went to search for toilet~Da first toilet i go was like flooded wif so many ppl when i went inside~So i jz walk out from da toilet n decided to go another floor de toilet~N guess wat? I went up 3 floors only i can find a toilet dat doesn't hav so many ppl~:/

After dat, walked to Mcd and meet my mum and my aunt they all~Had our lunch there~All of us was like chatting around & playing phones~LOL~=) N yea, my bro told me dat he seems like saw Hann Wei while he is walking~Den i msg him see whether is he really there n told me he was there~LOL~But i didn't hav da chance to meet him~x) Around half an hour later, tell my mum i wanted to walked around cuz i dun wanna sit down there wasting time~xP Me, my cousin sis-Charis, my bro & Jason walked around together~Bought a pink purse for Lareina as her birthday present~While walking, i met Keith Teoh and his frens which i dunno hu r they~Stop awhile n chatted wif him quite many things~=] After dat, we continue walk around until almost our show gonna start~=)

My aunt they all didn't want to watch movie so we nidda bring Charis to meet up wif her~B4 meeting up wif each other, we gals went separate ways wif da boys cuz Charis wants to go to da toilet n i nidda accompany her~After dat, bring her meet up wif her family~N i cal da guys to come to da cinema there cuz our show almost gonna start~But manatau, cal both of them n both of them didn't pick up my phone~Make me really frustrated dat time~-.- My mum oso help me to called them but no answer~Suddenly recieve a msg from my bro say dat he's coming den i went to buy popcorn n drinks first while my mum waits for them~While i was buying, both of them runs to me when they saw me~Ask them y didn't pick up their phone n they told me dat they're playing in da arcade~== Gek sei me~After dat, went in to da cinema dat time my mum and Jason says wanna go to da toilet~Ask them hurry to da toilet as fast as possible~Den me & my bro was peeking to see whether da show start dy or not~Luckily da movie havent start yet~After we settled down on our seats, den i saw my mum's phone wrote dat is only 5.25 p.m and our show starts at 5.30~I was like wth~Blame dis to Jason cuz i followed his phone time~-.-

Throughout da whole movie was like so freaking scarry & disgusting~Those dead bodies are seriously Yuck!~XS But sum of da action of da show was kinda fake though~N yea, i jump up from da chairs for almost 3 times~:/ Dunno how much shud i rate~Mayb around 6 or 7/10? Actually da show was not bad but it has no ending~Most probably there's gonna be part 2~=) N 1 more thing, ppl dat below 18 i dun really advised u go n watch~I know i'm not 18 too~xP Cuz there's a part dat 3 guys shows their asses~Real ASS!~LOL~Da whole movie was jz 1 hour 25 minutes~After da movie den went to kk de NTS there and hav our dinner~Saw Wei Yoong, Sifu & Yit Man while eating~x)
Yea, thats all about it~Sryyy~No photo's dis time~XS

~i ♥ u!~

Monday, August 23, 2010

~Drum Exam 2010~♥

Well, hav my grade 9 drum exam 2day~Woke up around 8 sumthing in da morning cuz bii came my house~After dat my mum fetch both of us to Nicholas house to practice our drum pieces~x) Nicholas drum set was freaking NICE!~So many cymbals & stuffs~@.@ 3 of us practice our exam songs until about 12 sumthing den bii's mum came & fetch us to biggest Yamaha at Kelana Jaya~=) Da place was really big~=] After dat, we hav a 20 minutes walk to da nearby Giant there and hav our lunch~After eating, den hav a 20 minutes walk back again~Is like eat=din eat~LOL~x) Was not really nervous at first~But bii's expression make me getting more & more nervous cuz he is really nervous & scared~x( But after dat i manage to get over it~x) When i entered da room, i didn't feel anything at all~Mayb is because da examiners was superbly friendly~=] When da music starts, i kinda enjoy playing like normal so overall it was okayy but my fill-in was kinda shaky in da semi-quavers part~=[ But thanks God i manage to played everything~=) Bii & Nicholas plays really well too~Hope we will get good results toegther o~x)


-The End-Rawr!~♥

*17th Birthday Tomorrow!~Wheeee~* x)

~i ♥ u!~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

~Two Is Better Than One~♥

Well, i know my last post make all of u worry about me & most of da time seeing me emo around da corner~Really sry for making all of u worry about me~=( But thanks for all da supports & caring~I do really appreciate it~=) I know i've been in a serious moodswings for da passed 2 weeks~Sometimes i'll be crazy around or sumtimes u will see me sitting alone & doesn't talk much wif ppl or even see me wif sore eyes when i go to skul~Besides dat, i've been really emotional too~I cries easily & gets angry easily~I know my attitude had really distract ppl around me especially my love one & my frens~I'm really sry yaaa~=[ Anyway i felt much more better dy~Its not jz better, its i'm back wif da old me!~I'll be crazy around & laugh loud loud again!~x)
~From This:-

~I'll become this!~x)
~No more emo-ness~
~Sry dear for everything~I've make u felt really really moody~=( But i'm glad dat u're much better nw & u had got ur mood back~Lets forget about da sad things & continue create our new memories yaa~=)
~I ♥ u baby!~
And well, drum exams is TOMORROW! Nervous sial~XS But i really hope i can get distinction for my first drum exam~All da best to me!~=) N yea, all da best & good luck to bii & Nicholas Cha too~They're going to take exam wif me oso~x) Lets rock!~N yea, 2 more days to my birthday!~Woohoo!~xDD

P/s:*All human beings in this world need friends*
*Friends are really important~*

~i ♥ u!~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~All In One~♥

I felt like i've billion of words to say out but i jz can't say it out~Or can say dat i dun wanna say it out baa? Cuz if i started to say everything out, unhappy things might happen~So i rather keep it to myself & jz locked it inside me~I've been pretty emo for da last whole week~Cried really badly almost everyday~=( In friendship & love relationship, actually many things i wanted to say out but i jz dunno how~How i wish u guys can read my mind but i know dats impossible~Nowadays, i prefer to hide all my feelings alone & its like hiding myself inside a box~Seriously, sometimes i'm not happy at all jz dat nobody knows it cuz i'm always showing my happy & crazy appearance all da time~What i really hav inside my thoughts, nobody knows~x( N yea, i dun like whenever friends say things like i care about bf more den them~Do u guys know dat its really sounds unfair to me? I do care about both sides~N yea, dun take friendship compare wif love relationship too~Cuz there's never gonna hav an ending or a answer~
Nowadays, wat makes me cries da most is dis~But of cuz i didn't blame bii a single thing of dat~I always thinks dat whether m i asking too much? Or m i controlling too much? Or m i expecting things gonna be perfect? Well, i dun really know~Sometimes, it seems like wat me & bii wants in our love life is different~He said dat i've changed~But does he know y i changed is because he treats me differently & not as sweet as last time so i had changed to a person dat gets angry easily & even think too much or having moodswings? He dunno until i told him during our anniversary~Well, saying out dis to him makes me feels better because i had kept inside my heart for quite long but will things goes better after dat i wouldn't knoe~But i do really hope dat things gonna be better~I know those feeling dat we've last time can't get it back dy because as time passes by, our feeling to each other is like get used to it in dis relationship~But actually i didn't think a single bit like dat b4 oni him dat hav thoughts like dat~But at least both of us know 1 thing dat is we still love each other & dat love doesn't change a bit although many things had happen~N i'm really grateful of dat~Although sometimes he doesn't know wat i really wants for us, but hu cares? He is my blur bf & i love him so deeply so dis doesn't really matter to me~=)

Quote:~We can love someone and just be happy about it even we know that it cannot last forever~It is not about having someone~It is not about owning a relationship, it is just about being happy because you know you've loved someone~Whatever relationship you have in your life now, they are precisely the ones you need in this moment~If you love someone, you give everything you can and don't expect to recieve anything in return~N yea, love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship~Its not about how much love you hav in the begining but how much love you build till the end~♥
~I love you forever baby & its not gonna change a single bit~=)
~Hope everything in da future will goes successfully o~=]
~Love you very much my blur bf~x) ♥

~i ♥ u!~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~Baby's Birthday Surprise~♥♥

~Happy 17th Birthday to my baby boy!~=)
~May all ur wishes & dreams cum true~
~Be mature~
~Stay happy always dear!~
~Stay healthy!~
~I love you baby~x)

~Baby's gift~=]

Next, planned a birthday surprise for him with some friends~=) Ended up plan was kinda fail~Cuz he told us dat his bro make it till very obvious and chi yian suddenly run to da other side when bii is coming down from upstairs & he saw her~Lol~But anyway, although da plan failed, we had a great time though~N yea, i was freaking nervous while making da surprise for bii~Cuz dis is da first time i made a birthday surprise for my bf~XS Anyway let da pictures below and do all da talkings~=]

~Jw fetching me & yk~
~Da other car~CY a.k.a da driver & Mk holding a DSLR~*Steph surely get jealous~Haha!~*
~Jacoon first time sit in a car~Dis is wat it looks like~x)


~Surprise time!~

~Baby's Birthday Cake~♥♥

~Kena spray by us~xP

~Our birthday tradition~x)

~Chi Yian~
~Kena from Chi Yian & Ming Keat "gao gao" after i started to put cream on mk's face~XS

~Ended up becum like dat~=[
~CY & Sok Ching~♥
~Ric teaching Jw to play piano~=)

~Bii & Ric~

~Bii wif da boys~x)


~Me & Sok Ching~♥

~After dat, all of us went to "Sek Bao Bao" there and hav our dinner~Bii din follow us cuz he nidda go out n hav dinner wif his family~Bii's mum want me to follow them for dinner too but i didn't followed them cuz it was too late dy~=[

~Dats all about it~I kinda summarise everything into a short post~x)

~i ♥ u!~